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Find volunteers

We’ve been busy making changes to the way we connect you with people looking to volunteer.

We’ve now launched our own volunteering search platform! Our platform is brand new and we’re still setting ourselves up. So, please be patient with us if a webpage isn’t working. We will fix it very soon. 

We are now open to receive the volunteer opportunities you want to advertise. For further information please read our post about these changes.


We can help you

We can help you to find people who want to volunteer.

We know that volunteer involvement takes place in a variety of ways and within a range of structures and organisations. We support volunteering to happen locally across voluntary and community, public and business sectors.

We believe that volunteers should be well managed, treated equally, fairly and with respect. We promote opportunities that reflect the core values of volunteering:

  • choice
  • diversity
  • mutual benefit
  • recognition

We reserve the right to not promote volunteering opportunities which we believe don’t fit with these values. For more details read our opportunity guidance (PDF) on how we decide which volunteering opportunities we promote.


Promote your volunteering opportunities with us

Please note we are now promoting volunteering opportunities in a new way. Read more about these changes.

If you’d like to promote your local volunteering opportunities with us and find a volunteer for your organisation, follow these simple steps:

  • read our guidelines (PDF)
  • if your organisation isn’t registered with us, please create a profile here
  • once registered you can add a volunteer opportunity by clicking on ‘add an opportunity’ on this page, just make sure you have logged in first
  • complete the form that opens when you click ‘ add an opportunity’. Please complete one form for each separate volunteering opportunity that you wish to advertise
  • once complete click submit, your opportunity will then come to the volunteer centre team to look over and publish for you. It will then be live on our new volunteer opportunity search page.

Quality of information is key to helping potential volunteers make choices about the roles they undertake. It’s important to take the time to think about the information you provide on the new opportunity form.

If you need any help get in touch with us on or 01273 234826.

We are open to enquiries by email and phone Monday to Thursday. We aim to respond to all enquiries within seven working days.


Looking for student volunteers?

If you want to recruit students from  the University of Brighton, get in touch with the university’s established community volunteering service called Active Student on or 01273 644145


Looking for trustees?

The Community University Partnership Programme has a trustee matching group where you can promote trustee vacancies to Brighton University staff who are interested in becoming trustees.

The group is hosted on a platform called Ning, and you will be asked to complete a simple sign up process.


Overseas opportunities

We can’t promote overseas volunteering opportunities as the website which we use doesn’t allow us to. To find out if do-it can advertise your opportunity for you email