Looking to volunteer?

Looking to volunteer?

We promote a huge range of volunteering opportunities on behalf of groups and organisations in the city who are looking for volunteers. There are around 200 different volunteering opportunities at any one time.

To search for volunteering opportunities go to:

If you need help searching for volunteering opportunities, our team offer confidential telephone support for anyone who:

  • Would like some guidance on how to search for volunteering opportunities online
  • Has any questions or anxieties about volunteering that they would like to discuss
  • Has a difficulty in deciding what to do
  • Would like to discuss any other volunteering related issues

If you would like some support, get in touch with us by emailing volunteercentre@bhcommunityworks.org.uk or calling 01273 234826. We aim to respond to all enquiries within seven working days.

Employer-Supported Volunteering, Team Challenges and Pro-Bono Support

As well as the enormous contribution that businesses make by encouraging their staff to volunteer, businesses also gain themselves by engaging their staff in volunteering. Volunteering develops and hones peoples skills and raises their morale.

To get your business involved:

  • Get in touch with us for further information on employer-supported volunteering programmes and team challenges
  • Join our Skills Exchange network of companies which have committed to supporting the local community by providing their professional skills free of charge to local charities and community groups
  • If volunteering isn’t right for your business, think about what resources or assets you could share with the local community instead

To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing  volunteercentre@bhcommunityworks.org.uk or calling 01273 234826.

Specialist Volunteering Areas

Some volunteering opportunities are co-ordinated by organisations who are specialists in their areas such as:


Micro-volunteering means actions that benefit a worthy cause, where the main bulk of the task can be completed on demand in one or more sessions of up to 30 minutes, either from a person’s home or on the go. These types of actions involve little to no commitment and are easy to participate in.

Some examples of micro-volunteering include:

  • Cross-stitch squares for quilts for very ill British children
  • Donate free water to the poor by playing a computer game
  • Knit dog coats to sell, which funds dog rescue centres
  • Write a letter to a very sick child and make them smile
  • Feed the hungry for free by playing an online quiz

To find out more micro-volunteering opportunities go to www.helpfromhome.org

Can't find what you want?

If you’ve searched for a volunteering opportunity but still can’t find what you want, you could:

  • Go to organisations direct. Many organisations don’t advertise through us, but might advertise on their own website
  • Be bold. Contact and organisation and offer your skills. They may not know that they need you yet!
  • Look in libraries, community and learning centres. Often groups will advertise opportunities here

Or get in touch with us  by emailing  volunteercentre@bhcommunityworks.org.uk or calling 01273 234826.

Volunteering as a way into paid work

Many people volunteer in order to improve their options in the world of work. For some it’s a route into work, for others it’s exploring what other job areas might suit them.

Volunteering can help you gain and demonstrate the top things that employers want from their staff:

  • team working
  • communication
  • motivation
  • enthusiasm
  • adaptability

Volunteering can help provide you with references as well as real life examples to talk in an interview.

If you would like more information on how volunteering can improve your employability please contact us on 01273 234 826. We would be happy to advise.

For help finding paid or voluntary work options you may wish to visit BrightonandHove Jobs.com the leading online jobs board advertising both paid and volunteer roles in Brighton & Hove and surrounding Sussex areas.