Who we've helped so far

Since the project started in September 2016, we’ve worked with 173 people.

Of these:

  • 101 were unemployed or long-term unemployed
  • 72 were economically inactive or not in education or training

What's changed

To date,  participants in the project have achieved a wide range of goals and completed a varied range of  learning activities, courses, training and received 1:1 dedicated support.

Of these:

  • 36 people moved into education or training
  • 24 person entered into employment
  •  13 people who were previously economically active are now actively searching for a job

People have reported  achieving the following changes:

  • 173 people have engaged in learning opportunities, Information, Advice and Guidance
  • 173 people have been supported to address at least one barrier to moving into work or learning
  • 94 people report increased self-confidence
  • 77 people have reported an increased ability to address setbacks
  • 83 people have reported meeting new people, increasing their social networks or started volunteering
  • 73 people report an increased ability to access learning, personal development and employment
  • 79 people report improved work/life skills
  • 88 people report having gained increased employability