Where we work

We support voluntary and community action in Brighton, Hove, Adur and Worthing.


Brighton and Hove

We’ve worked for over two decades in Brighton and Hove, and have been deeply involved in the area. We’ve supported volunteering to happen and ensured it has a positive impact, and we’ve supported voluntary and community organisations in the area to grow and to develop.


Adur and Worthing

We’ve been providing our services in Adur and Worthing since July 2016 when we successfully bid in an open tender process to deliver support services to voluntary and community organisations in the area. We’re delighted to be providing our services and to be supporting voluntary and community action to happen there too.

Our growth coincides with local plans for a Greater Brighton, which aims to spread economic growth across Brighton, Hove, Adur, Worthing, Lewes and mid-Sussex.

We’re confident that our work in Adur and Worthing will help to create efficiencies of scale and make best use of the limited resources available to support voluntary and community action. It will also enable closer working to happen between voluntary and community organisations across Sussex.


Local services

We ensure our services are responsive to local needs in all the areas we work in. Our staff and volunteers work out of our offices in Brighton and in Worthing.

We also invite voluntary and community organisations to join us as members, so they can benefit from our services and have a say in our strategic development. We listen to and learn from our members and shape our services and support in response to their needs.