Who we work with

We collaborate with a range of organisations and with local residents to ensure that voluntary and community action makes our society and local areas better.


Community organisations

In 2014 we successfully led a partnership of local organisations to win funding from Brighton and Hove City Council and Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group to provide a range of community support services.

As part of this work we set up steering groups to oversee our work with LGBT small groups and faith organisations.

We also set up a support services network which brings together organisations which provide support services for voluntary and community organisations so that they can share learning, gather intelligence and collaborate to deliver services.

We also work with Sussex Community Foundation to provide grants and support to small groups working to improve people’s health and wellbeing in the local area.


Local businesses

We work with a number of local businesses to enable them to connect with local charities and to volunteer their skills and expertise. In the last two years, through us, businesses have given the equivalent of £180,164 worth of expertise.

We also work closely with the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce, to ensure that both our members are able to connect and collaborate with each other to further their aims.


Public sector organisations

We work with the public sector on a whole range of local projects and programmes which improve opportunities for local people.

Recently we’ve co-developed a new social value framework, co-created a new vision for volunteering, and are working with GPs to develop better care arrangements for vulnerable people. Over the last two years, we’ve helped to improve nearly 40 strategies and plans for the local area.