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How we work

Voluntary and community action makes our society and local areas better. We want to make sure it does, and that it has the greatest positive impact on everyone. To achieve this, we create the support and networks that help people and organisations use their time, expertise and energy effectively.

Voluntary and community organisations

We’re here to help local voluntary and community organisations to make as big a difference as possible to local lives and issues. We help to strengthen your work and amplify your voice.

We can help you to run your organisation more effectively. We will either work with you directly or support you to work with one of our expert volunteers or businesses. Through our volunteer centre we will help you find volunteers and provide guidance on how to support them. We will also make sure that your views and needs are heard in the local areas we work in.


If you’re looking to volunteer locally, then our volunteer centre is the best place to start. We’ll put you in touch with local charities or other local initiatives that would benefit from your time and skills. We’ll also give you the advice and information you need to make the most of volunteering.


Working with local charities and community organisations is not just good for our local areas, it’s good for business too! Giving your employees opportunities to volunteer is a great way to build skills and motivation.

We can match you with local organisations that need your time and expertise and can help you support them in other ways too.


Public sector

We’re building a thriving voluntary and community sector in the local areas we work in.

We can help you get the information and contacts you need to develop successful partnerships which have a lasting impact. By working together, we can create stronger and fairer local areas for everyone.