Trustee board meeting in February

Our last board meeting took place on 9 February 2016 and was a packed agenda full of lively discussion, debate and decision making!

Trustees set up a Governance Working Group to take forward actions and recommendations from a recent governance review and bench-marking exercise set against the Code of Good Governance.

Trustees were updated on operational developments and are pleased with progress made towards the outcomes set in our Business Plan. Notable successes include:

  • being awarded a £50,000 development grant to work towards a Stage 2 bid for Building Better Opportunities funding
  • finalising a cross-sector volunteering strategy for the city: ‘The Power of Volunteering’
  • progress made towards re-achieving our Volunteer Centre Quality Award

Like other charities we are constantly looking at ways to diversify our funding base to ensure our future sustainability. Trustees discussed a draft fundraising and income generation strategy which has been developed.

Trustees also discussed our consultancy service, which continues to develop apace. To date minimal work has been needed to create awareness of this service, which brings many benefits to those organisations accessing it. Our trusted pool of experienced consultants have assisted members and public sector agencies to develop their organisations through advice on strategic development, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, finance and HR. The board is currently considering what investment is needed in the service to enable it to grow.

Trustees revisited the organisation’s values as part of a checking mechanism for discussion around strategic developments. They also considered a new style of financial reporting to make decision-making easier moving forward.

Written by Kate Kirkham

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