Trustee board meeting in June 2019

Our last board meeting on 4 June was again full of lively discussion.

We’re lucky to have a group of trustees with such a diverse mix of skills, experience and views, which enables excellent debate and constructive decision-making.

The Board is looking at succession planning and bringing more diversity to the board. More Board members drawn from membership organisations would be welcome from both Adur and Worthing and Brighton and Hove.

Policies are being updated and being circulated to the Board for sign off.

Work has been carried out with stakeholders on the development of the new organisation strategy. It was agreed at the start that this would be a document which is easy to read and understand, clear and to the point. This has been achieved and there are 4 strategic aims plus updated Mission, Values and Vision. This will be reviewed in September and will be launched in the next few months.

Board members will follow up Jess’s work with new BHCC members by reaching out, where relevant, to discuss key points about the voluntary sector.

Finances are healthy with a good end of year result for 18/19. The Board approved the proposed 19/20 budget.

Membership in West Sussex has increased as has representation with Jess now chairing the West Sussex Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Alliance and networks increasing.

Written by Caroline Ridley


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