Be a mentor

Be a mentor

Our mentoring programme is a leadership development programme for people working or volunteering in community and voluntary organisations. We support leaders and emerging leaders to grow and realise their potential, with the aim of strengthening organisations and our sector.

As a mentor on the programme, you volunteer your time to walk alongside your mentee, offering insight into the challenges that they might be facing. By giving time for reflection and planning and holding the ‘thread’ of the conversation, you will help your mentee to grow and develop.

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What is mentoring?

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Who can be a mentor?


Apply now!

The current programme is underway, ending in October 2022. We are therefore closed to applications until the next round. You can email us to register your interest to be sent publicity nearer the time. You can read our current mentor recruitment pack which includes a role description, timeline and outlines what your mentoring journey will look like, to see if the programme might be right for you.

You may also find it useful to look at our mentee recruitment page.


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Any questions?

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A huge thank you

This programme is delivered by people who believe in the power of mentoring and who want to see our sector thrive. We have a dedicated team of volunteer mentors, who give their time and expertise willingly and freely. There are mentors who go the extra mile by volunteering to support behind the scenes too.

Because of everyone’s commitment and contributions, we provide our mentoring programme to an approved standard.