Share your skills

Share your skills

We connect businesses and professionals with charities and causes.

We help you to give your skills for free, by matching you with people that would benefit.

One way we do this is by matching you with charities and causes in Brighton, Hove, Adur and Worthing, who need your particular skills or expertise with a short-term project or challenge they’re facing.

You get to volunteer your time and share your skills and expertise free of charge, and they get the professional help that they need and that they couldn’t otherwise afford.


The impact of our matches

In the last three years over 10 local businesses and professionals have given £132,333 of free professional advise and expertise to 68 local charities and causes that wouldn’t otherwise have been helped.

The support given has had a huge impact on the charities and causes who have benefited from their skills and expertise. It has let them achieve things their budgets would otherwise stop them from doing.

Those that’ve benefited recently include:

  • two community associations
  • a foodbank
  • an arts project
  • a young people’s charity


Who's involved

Businesses and professionals involved include surveyors, architects, engineers, accountants, solicitors, consultants, public relations professionals, and marketing and design companies.

The businesses involved range from being small, single-person enterprises to large organisations with large staff teams. The number of people who volunteer from these businesses also varies depending on their size and how involved they’d like to be.

Through us businesses and professionals have given their expertise in architecture and surveying, law, human resources, communications, branding and design, website building, data management, data applications, evaluation and fundraising.


“The many community and local charity projects ABIR architects have undertaken though our involvement with Community Works have been rewarding, often humbling, and always inspiring.” Giles Ing, Director, ABIR Architects


What will happen

We’ll have a conversation with you about how we can work together, and if your skills and expertise are needed by our members.

When we’re both ready, you’ll be asked to provide free support to local charities and causes by undertaking one-off, short-term projects. You’ll be matched with a local charity or cause that specifically needs your skills or expertise. But, there’s no pressure to take up any of the projects we offer you.

If you’re a business who’d like to volunteer with us, get in touch with us on or 01273 234023