Run a session

Run a session

We connect businesses and professionals with charities and causes.

We help you to give your skills for free, by matching you with people that would benefit.

One way we do that is by running information sessions or surgeries for charities and causes in Brighton, Hove, Adur and Worthing who are in need of your specialist expertise or knowledge.

You get to volunteer your time and share your expertise and knowledge free of charge, and they get the information and expert advice they need to run their charity or cause.


The impact of our information sessions and surgeries

In the last three years over 10 local businesses and professionals have run information sessions and surgeries worth an equivalent of £8,880.

The sessions and surgeries have helped a number of local charities and causes to have access to expert information and knowledge that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

The sessions and surgeries we’ve run together have helped local charities and causes to:

  • understand more about their role as employees
  • understand more about pension auto-enrolement
  • diversify their income
  • get one-to-one advice on employment issues
  • get one-to-one advice on governance issues


Who's involved

Businesses and professionals involved include specialists in employment law, pension auto-enrolement, charity finance and charity governance.

The businesses and professionals involved range from being small, single-person enterprises to large organisations with large staff teams.


What will happen

We’ll have a conversation with you about how we can work together, and if your skills and expertise are currently needed by our members.

When we’re both ready, you’ll be asked to run an information session on a topic which you’re a specialist in, and which we know our members also need help with.

If needed, we’ll work with you to design the session and we’ll also undertake all the logistics of setting up and taking bookings for the session too. There’s no pressure to run a session regularly.

Or, you’ll be asked to get involved in one of our surgeries, where you’ll provide one-to-one advice to charities or causes with a particular concern in your area of expertise. There’s no pressure to get involved in our surgeries regularly.

If you’re a business who’d like to run a session or get involved in one of our surgeries, get in touch with us on or 01273 234023