Making Brighton and Hove better

Making Brighton and Hove better

Voluntary and community action improves people’s lives, strengthens communities and makes our local areas better for everyone.

The people and organisations involved in voluntary and community activity have significant skills, knowledge, expertise and experience. However, some times, they need additional support to help ensure that they have the greatest impact on everyone and that they are as effective and as inclusive as possible. This is where we come in.

We create the support and networks that help people and organisations to use their time, expertise and energy effectively. We do this by building:

  • stronger voluntary and community organisations for now and for the future
  • a stronger and more diverse base for volunteering and voluntary activity
  • partnerships which improve opportunities for local people

Over the last 3 years in Brighton and Hove, we’ve made progress in all these areas.


Stronger voluntary and community organisations

  • we helped 1,098 voluntary and community sector leaders to be more effective
  • we helped 509 voluntary and community organisations to be more effective
  • we helped bring in £1,816,328 in funding for community activities and services


Stronger and more diverse base for volunteering

  • we helped 257 organisations to advertise 637 volunteering opportunities
  • we helped 2,081 volunteers to make 4,504 applications for a volunteer role
  • we helped 205 volunteer co-ordinators to provide quality volunteering programmes to approximately 6,384 volunteers


Partnerships which improve opportunities

  • we improved 72 citywide strategies, plans or public services
  • we helped 25 consortiums to establish and develop, and contributed to them bringing in £6,192,943 in funding for community activities and services


More information

Take a look at our infographic summary of our achievements over the last three years:

infographic summary

Or download our short, written summary (PDF).


Making it all possible

None of this would have been possible without the support of our stakeholders, including:

  • our members, who generously gave us their time and expertise and paid fees for some of our services
  • local businesses, who generously gave us their time and expertise and sponsorship
  • public sector organsisations, who worked closely with us to make our local area better
  • our 80+ volunteers and trustees, who generously gave us their time and expertise

And, of course, the financial and generous support of our funders, including:

  • Awards for All
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Brighton and Hove City Council
  • Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Erasmus
  • Sussex Community Foundation


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