Peter – mentor

Peter – mentor

Peter Wileman became a mentor for our mentoring programme because he felt he had something to offer due to his experience of working both in the public and third sectors in Brighton and Hove.

“In my experience, many people working in the third or charitable sector get less than adequate supervision and direction from their organisation or line manager, and sometimes have none if they are the member of a board for instance. I believe that mentees benefit from being able to speak to experienced people from outside their organisation.”

A typical monthly meeting with his mentees involves Peter listening to their ideas and thoughts, then providing relevant feedback and offering his suggestions based on his own knowledge and experience. They also agree on discussion topics for the next session. He makes notes throughout the meeting which he shares with the mentee, so they have a record of where they’re at and what’s been discussed.

“During my time as a mentor I have been able to help mentees with a diverse range of issues including strategic thinking and planning, structuring, objective setting, problem solving and assertiveness.“

Besides benefiting the mentee Peter feels that being a mentor has enhanced his own management and supervision skills. “It challenges me to think about an individual, an organisation and / or a field that I don’t know well. I enjoy being able to support someone’s development.”

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