Employment Law training in 2019-20

We are pleased to bring you our series of employment law training this year.

Held in partnership with Martin Searle Solicitors and delivered by Fiona Martin, Director and Head of Employment Law, Fiona will provide practical and legal information. Sessions will include presentations and case studies, with time for Questions and Answers. See below for dates and topics (all sessions are 9.30-12.00):

13 June – Maximising Staff Performance Book here

This session is tailored to provide managers with top tips on how to effectively develop their workforce to maximise performance. The session will also focus on how to fairly approach staff who are under performing. The session will cover how to:

  • Ensure that current appraisals are relevant and work well for your business
  • Understand capability processes and procedures
  • Set out the relevant legislation relating to performance and capability issues and how to practically apply it
  • Prepare for sickness absence and grievances when performance managing employees.

11 September – Managing Ill Health and Disability in your staff Book here

Dealing with sick or disabled employees fairly and appropriately is important for your organisation. After this briefing, you will understand:

  • Managing short and long term sickness absence
  • Disability and the duty to make reasonable adjustments
  • Absence due to stress or harassment caused by employers or colleagues
  • Ill health dismissals.

4 December – Restructuring and Changing Contractual terms Book here

Do you need to learn about the legal aspects of restructuring your staff team and changing staff contracts? Perhaps your project funding has come to an end and you need to consider making the roles in that team redundant, or you’ll need to talk to your employees about amending their hours or duties?  After this briefing, you will understand:

  • the legal definition of redundancy
  • following a fair redundancy process
  • alternatives to redundancy
  • changing contractual terms
  • terminating employment and offering re-engagement on new terms

5 March 2020 – Hiring Employees versus self-employed workers Book here

Staff recruitment can be an intensive and expensive process taking up time and resources, with lots of potential to get things wrong. This session will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether to employ someone or to hire a freelancer. By the end of the briefing you will understand:

  •  the difference between an employee, a worker and a self-employed contractor, and what kind of contract and working patterns you need to set up to establish their status
  • the pros and cons of employing someone directly versus hiring a self-employed contractor or using an agency employment law legislation that applies to workers as well as employees
  • the tax rules so that your company is not liable for any underpayment


Venue: Martin Searle Solicitors, 9 Marlborough Place, Brighton, BN1 1UB

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