Mentoring Programme increases community leaders’ skills and confidence

Our Mentoring Programme for this year has launched. We recruited and inducted over 60 potential mentors and mentees and have made a total of 30 matches. Following our thorough recruitment process and an energetic Matching Event, we were able to increase the number of mentoring relationships compared to last year.

The mentors and mentees have started their 9 month mentoring journey by meeting over the summer and agreeing what they will work on together. Feedback suggests that bringing people together through the programme and providing a reflective empowering space is a powerful way to contribute to the sustainability of our sector.

Mentoring: “A one to one, non-judgemental relationship in which an individual (mentor) voluntarily gives time to support and encourage another (mentee), typically at a time of change or transition in the mentees life and which lasts for a significant and sustained period of time.” (Active Community Unit–Home Office)

Find out more about our Mentoring Programme and watch our brilliant mentoring film.

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