Caring together

We’re working with local health and social care organisations to involve voluntary and community organisations in providing support and services to local people.

This work is part of a project taking place in Brighton and Hove, called Caring Together, which will redesign our local health and social care services.

The project has six areas which it will focus on:

  • prevention and care in the community
  • planed care services
  • access to primary care and urgent care
  • access to mental health services
  • optimising medicine use
  • acute care models

The project will also continue to promote proactive care and joint-working between clusters of GP practices.


Our role

We’re supporting voluntary and community organisations to be involved in the Caring Together project and its six areas of focus.

We’re also supporting voluntary and community organisations to be involved in Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group’s commissioning plans and its approach to achieving its responsibilities in relation to equality.


Our activities

So far, we’ve undertaken an evaluation of a social prescribing project and a befriending services project, and conducted a survey into the transport needs of older people in the city.

We’ve also evaluated the impact of the involvement of the voluntary and community sector in multi-disciplinary meetings. The meetings aimed to improve care being provided to patients, and to offer alternatives to more traditional clinical approaches.

We’ve also supported patient participation groups to grow and to develop.


Over the next year we will focus on:

  • evaluating the impact of different sector’s roles
  • securing funding for health related activities in the voluntary and community sector
  • participating in key meetings of the Caring Together project to ensure the knowledge and experiences of voluntary and community organisations informs changes to services
  • improving connections between services and GP practices
  • identifying and seeking solutions to gaps in services
  • disseminating learning from a pilot project which aimed to ensure that people with complex needs got the support they needed


For more information on any of our work in this area, get in touch with our Project Leader, Kaye Duerdoth, or 01273 234023