Restructuring and Changing Contractual Terms 7th February 2018

Do you need to learn about the legal aspects of restructuring your staff team and changing staff contracts?

Perhaps your project funding has come to an end and you need to consider making the roles in that team redundant, or you’ll need to talk to your employees about amending their hours or duties? 

This session was about employment law briefing, and was held in partnership with Martin Searle Solicitors and delivered by Fiona Martin, Director and Head of Employment Law.   In this session Fiona will provided practical and legal information.  The session includes a group Q&A session, and we learnt about:

  • the legal definition of redundancy
  • following a fair redundancy process
  • alternatives to redundancy
  • changing contractual terms
  • terminating employment and offering re-engagement on new terms



Restructuring and changing contractual terms (PDF)

Redundancy-policy (PDF)

Case-study-2-restructuring-and-changing-contractual-terms (PDF)

Case-study-1-restructuring-and-changing-contractual-terms (PDF)

Assessment-for-redundancy-criteria (PDF)



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