Safeguarding support and DBS surgeries

Support and guidance

Does your organisation work with children and young people? If so, you have an important role to play in helping keep them safe.

Any organisation which supports children and young people has a responsibility to ensure that it has policies, procedures, and guidance in place to underpin the work that it does. These policies and procedures will help to promote children’s welfare and protect them from harm.

We are working in partnership with Safety Net to ensure that our member organisations have access to safeguarding support, including Safety Net’s support and guidance services. So,  if your organisation supports children and young people and you are interested in finding out more about this service provided by Safety Net, please contact:

Zoe Anstey
Tel: 01273 420973


Safety Net has a comprehensive training programme which contains basic training for as little as £15 p/person. Community Works also offers our own training course, Keeping Adults Safe, for organisations working with vulnerable adults.

DBS surgeries (Disclosure and Barring Service)

In partnership with Communuty Works, Safety Net, also offers monthly DBS Surgery days for our member organisations. If you have any specific questions about DBS you can contact Safety Net at any time, by email or phone using the contact details shown above.




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