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We support voluntary and community organisations within the local areas in which we work.

Voluntary and community organisations, that work in Brighton, Hove, Adur or Worthing can apply to become a member of ours and benefit from exclusive access to some of our services.

We currently have over 580 groups and organisations which have joined us as members.


Benefits of being a member

Our members get access to exclusive services, including:

  • conferences and network meetings
  • prioritised access to our training and events
  • prioritised access to our advice and support services
  • a members-only newsletter
  • a members-only email group
  • appearing in our online members directory

There are many benefits of membership with us.


“It is essential to be a member of Community Works if you’re a really small group, because it gives you the information and support that you couldn’t get anywhere else.” Jannet Cook, Metamorphosis Art Group

“Without Community Works we would probably not have sustained our activities. Being a member of Community Works means we receive advice and help which is often tailored to our specific needs.” Caroline Jurdon, Homeopathy in the Community


Members code of conduct

We welcome all our members and value and respect their knowledge and skills. We’re committed to providing spaces and services which are enjoyable, informative and look after the wellbeing of all our members, our guests, our staff and our volunteers.

Our Members Code of Conduct is a simple document setting out how we can best achieve that together.


Membership fees

Membership with us is free for voluntary and community organisations with an annual income below £35,000.

For those with an income above £35,000 we offer a competitive, sliding scale of fees which entitles your group or organisation to membership for a two year period. The fees are:

  • over £35,000 but below £100,000: £50 (£2.08 per month)
  • over £100,000 but below £250,000: £100 (£4.17 per month)
  • over £250,000 but below £500,000: £200 (£8.33 per month)
  • over £500,000: £300 (£12.50 per month)


Join us now!

Voluntary or community organisations which operate in or for the benefit of residents in the local areas we work in, can apply to be a member of ours but must meet our membership criteria and cannot exist to pursue party political or purely commercial activities. If you’re unsure about whether your organisation is eligible for membership then we’re happy to discuss this with you before you apply.

If you’d like to join as a member, please first check that your group or organisation isn’t already one by browsing our list of members.

If your group or organisation isn’t already a member you can apply to become one by using our online membership form.

If you require the form in a different format, if you have any questions about membership with us, or if you would like to confirm whether your organisation is eligible for membership, please get in touch on or 01273 234023


“We only recently joined and it means a lot to know that Community Works wants to support our local charity. They’ve been brilliant, and I look forward to making even more of the opportunities they offer.” Martin Jackson, Brighton Sea Cadets