We produce a monthly newsletter for our members in Adur and Worthing, and Brighton and Hove.

Each newsletter includes information about our events and activities, important things happening in the local area, resources to help run your group or organisation, and the latest funding opportunities. There are specific newsletters for Adur & Worthing and Brighton & Hove.

To subscribe to the newsletter you must be a staff member, volunteer, or trustee with one of our member organisations in Adur and Worthing, or Brighton and Hove.

To sign up, we recommend that you email providing:

  • your first name and last name
  • the email address you wish to be subscribed
  • the voluntary sector organisation for which you are a staff member, volunteer, or trustee
  • the newsletter(s) you want to subscribe to:
    • Adur & Worthing
    • Brighton & Hove
    • Supporters (if you are not attached to a voluntary sector organisation)

Alternatively, you can complete the form below – but please be aware this will take longer, as we will need to get back in touch with you to confirm all the details mentioned above.


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