Attendees Making Notes on Flip Chart at Our March Conference 2014

Voice and representation

Representing the voluntary and community sector at a local level is a key part of our work. We ensure that our members’ voices and expertise are heard at a range of partnerships, boards, and informal meetings with key people across the local area.

About Community Works Reps

Community Works elected reps are leaders of the voluntary and community sector in Brighton and Hove and Adur and Worthing. They represent the sector’s interests, sharing their knowledge and expertise across a broad range of partnerships and agendas. Reps influence strategy, policy and decision making, ensuring the voices of the voluntary and community sector are heard and understood. For more details see: Community Works Elected Representation Policy and background information: How it works and why it is important.

“What is it like to be a rep– videos and quotes from existing reps

If there any issues you would like them to raise on behalf of your organisation and communities you support please email Magda Pasiut

Health and Wellbeing Board VCS Reps

In September 2021, Joanna Martindale from Hangleton & Knoll Project and Tom Lambert from The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove have been elected by Community Works Reps as VCS representatives on the Health and Wellbeing Board in Brighton and Hove.

The panel of reserve members who may contribute their knowledge in advance of meetings for the Reps to draw upon and attend in lieu if the Reps are unable to attend a meeting include:

  • Caroline Ridley (Impact Initiatives)
  • Geraldine Des Moulins (Possability People)
  • Gray Hutchins (Clare Project)
  • Mark Strong (Brighton Bike hub)
  • Nora Mzaoui (Wellsbourne Healthcare CIC)
  • Val Cane (Working 50+)

If there any issues you would like them to raise on behalf of your organisation and communities you support please email Magda Pasiut:

Warm welcome to our newly co-opted Reps

Our sector representatives

Our members elect representatives from within our membership every two years to undertake this work and we co-opt additional reps as necessary. The next election will take place in 2025.

If you would like to find out more about the process or our representatives’ work please contact Magda Pasiut:


Help to become a representative

We have an informal shadowing programme for anyone within our membership who is considering standing in a future election or being co-opted.

The shadowing programme gives you the opportunity to meet existing representatives, observe meetings and learn more about the role of a representative.

To find out more about our informal shadowing programme get in touch on or 01273 234023

Key principles for representation

Our representatives work is framed and informed by our key principles for representation (PDF).

These principles speak to a range of stakeholders in the city and promote the unique strengths that the sector has to offer.

They also act as a platform for influencing, a basis for creating policy statements in priority areas and an opportunity to identify interests shared with public sector organisations and local businesses.

Recently, our Reps Council have been developed  ‘Key Messages and Recommendations’ to support them in their work of engaging with politicians in the run up to the local elections in Brighton and Hove in May 2019.

To find out more about our representation work get in touch on or 01273 234023 

Small groups and charities

We greatly value the work and impact of small groups and charities locally, and also recognise that they have unique support needs. We’ve worked with our small groups network to develop a position statement which describes what a small group is, and what they need to help them to grow:

Feedback from our representatives

Our representatives provide feedback from the meetings and events they attend on behalf of our members.