Good practice guide

Volunteering takes place in many ways; in all communities, across different sectors and within a multitude of structures. However we believe that the underlying values of good practice makes all volunteering valuable, sustainable and beneficial for everyone.

This guide will help you achieve good practice in volunteer management and in your volunteering programme, within a fair, safe and supportive environment.

We recommend following good practice in order to:

  • Make sure your volunteering programme is inclusive
  • Ensure volunteers have the best experience possible; fulfilling and meaningful
  • Make sure your volunteering programme has the best positive impact for everyone involved
  • Create rather than stifle new opportunities.

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Example documents in our guide are available in Microsoft Word format so you can adapt them according to your needs. If you need them in another format or have any feedback on our guide, or  need one-to-one support to develop your volunteering programme, get in touch with our Volunteering Development Coordinator, Sue Shaw, on or 01273 234860