Support and Develop

Support and Develop

Support is important to enable someone to volunteer or continue to volunteer. It may take place as part of your recruitment process, especially if you are encouraging a wider volunteer base. In the long term, support will take into consideration any changes or issues that may arise while the volunteer is with you and then hopefully allow them to feel that they are able to continue volunteering with you.

Support can come as a general offer to all volunteers but you may also have to consider that a person-centred approach to this.

Offering support it can demonstrate your commitment to having an open and inclusive volunteering programme and benefit retention rates.


Development is an important part of your good volunteer management. It can feature in the all the previous stages on the guide. If you let someone know what they can expect to get from volunteering with you, it can:

  • Increase interest in your volunteering opportunity
  • Improve retention

It is also important for your beneficiaries that volunteers are up-to-date with the things they need to know and the skills they meet their objective.

Some development offers will be led by the needs of your group as there are social, financial and political changes to take into account, but it is best practice to incorporate a person-centred approach; depending on need and required outcome of each volunteer.

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