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Ways to volunteer

There are lots of different ways to volunteer.


Volunteer in a specialist area

Some local volunteer opportunities are co-ordinated by organisations who are specialists in their areas:


Volunteer in an emergency

Volunteers are an essential resource in supporting people and communities through times of difficulty and emergency. Many volunteers have been involved in activities to support migrants in Calais. And, every year, many volunteers wish to help out at Christmas time.

These efforts and offers are very much appreciated by organisations in need of additional capacity. However for volunteering to be most effective, organisations often tell us that they most need volunteers who:

  • have an understanding and experience of the issues faced by individuals being supported
  • have an interest and commitment to support the activity of the organisation on an ongoing basis which ensures that work can continue beyond the crisis period
  • are willing to take on vital back-office tasks to support the organisation as a whole eg fundraising and administration



Micro-volunteers take on actions that benefit a worthy cause, but where the main bulk of the task can be completed on demand in one or more sessions of up to 30 minutes, either from their own home or on the go. These types of actions involve little to no commitment and are easy to participate in.

Some examples include:

  • cross-stitch squares for quilts for very ill British children
  • donate free water to the poor by playing a computer game
  • knit dog coats to sell, which funds dog rescue centres
  • write a letter to a very sick child and make them smile
  • feed the hungry for free by playing an online quiz

There are lots of micro-volunteer opportunities out there, so have a look and find one that suits you.