Wellness and Wellbeing course for volunteer coordinators

Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on volunteering. Volunteering has come to the fore as we have taken on the challenges that covid has given us; new roles, changes in service delivery, volunteer’s ability to offer their time, and impact on health and wellbeing, including the additional stress and burnout on volunteers and volunteer coordinators.

This course has been designed specifically for volunteer coordinators to focus on wellness and wellbeing and to act as a guide to improve their wellbeing and that of the volunteers they support as we move through the pandemic and in anticipation of a second covid spike.

This course has a dual impact approach. Both the personal and organisational needs are considered throughout the training; the volunteer coordinator wellness being essential to the effective support of volunteers and therefore support the organisational activities.

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Date and time:  21 July 2.00-3.00pm

For further information contact sue@bhcommunityworks.org.uk

This introduction session and full course is for volunteer coordinators in Adur and Worthing, Brighton and Hove.

Further course details

The course is 1 1/2 days and will take place over 3 sessions and will:

Supports volunteer coordinators to:

  • Take a strategic approach to good practice in volunteering wellbeing, as we continue to find our way through the pandemic.
  • Focus on the importance of wellbeing as part of volunteers as a part of the role of the volunteer coordinator.
  • Positively contribute to the sustainability of volunteer programmes and positive results for your service beneficiaries.

By the end of the course, volunteer coordinators will:

  • Be able to acknowledge their own needs and those of volunteers
  • Feel less stressed and more in control
  • Feel clearer and more able to offer support where needed i.e. physically, emotionally and psychologically
  • Understand the importance of wellbeing as it supports organisational activities
  • Practice firming up boundaries
  • Know how to approach difficult conversations
  • Experience what resilience feels like

Participants will be asked to

  • Complete a pre-course questionnaire
  • Commit to all sessions
  • Practice self-care and support techniques in between sessions

About the trainer– Elaine Rose Leela

Improving mental health & well-being is top of Elaine Rose Leela’s agenda. Developing and delivering the Volunteer Coordinator’s Wellness Pathway, she is bringing her passion and commitment to sharing ways of reducing stress and sustaining wellness. She does this by remembering that no matter what our role is within an organisation or in our wider communities, we are all human, and therefore we all experience the ups as well as the downs. Her focus is on compassion, resilience and inner wellness.

Specialising in organisational and individual Learning & Development and Women’s Inner Wellness, Elaine has an MSc in Mindfulness Approaches and is currently researching and writing for a PhD in Integral Transpersonal Psychology.

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